what does a man want from a woman?
is cynical about the whole swine flu thing...
is not backing Jenson Button..........'fess up
who likes it when friends pop round uninvited?
how much price
boobs or bottoms?
Best place to live, France or England?
thought eurovision sucked?
anyone know any links to funny vids?
why is carbon monoxide dangers
what does skeet mean?
who watches father ted still?
Can I get rid of genital warts?
can i get loan from any bank
I live in NC, USA. Where can I buy a Nano car?
Anyone for a BBQ?
loves heroes
buttocks or dick...?
Who else things the camera work for the dance troops on Britains got talent is CRAP
how much the srilankan prise
Who wants STAVROS FLATLEY to win Britains got talent?
who cares about Britan's Got Talent?
who likes sushi?
lips or feet?
Who knows how to jail break the ipod touch?
who loves Barack Hussein Obama?
do you have any interest in the mexican market
When will be the Nano car draw ?
where can i buy a nano in the us.
knows where is best to drink
what is the nacked price ofhe nano car in guwahati
how do pie makers choose the shape of their pies, and is it mushroom based?
cheese or marmite?
who wants to help tidy my room!?
i look after dogs when you go on holiday, see my site at www.houseofhoounds.co.u...
thinks the Venus Project is a good idea? (look it up!)
likes to queef?
WHO poised to declare first flu pandemic since 1968, who else want to give in to...
this site ROCKS!!, just say it people, speak out, who's with me?
booking status
how can i know the booking status
I am going to an 'L' party, have to dress as something beginning with L. other t...
what type of materils are used?
Any one know how to Fix the Steering Mechanism on a Riding Lawn Tractor?
who likes outlander the film?
who thinks simon cowell is gay?
who thinks iran's turmoil is USA lead?
thinks big brother is great!!
who thinks the UK credit crunch is over?
who believes jesus was a real person?
thought southpark went too far with the rape scenes of George Lucas etc?
who knows the real dave chapelle story?
i got message that i had allowoted nano car

how to know about luckydrow results
thinks gran torino sucks?
can i get allotment no i have got alloted prized dream nano car
can i have allotment nano car list
when the first alotments of cars is getting ?
thinks smart cars are better than nano cars?
My name is Jayakumar. I want to know when I will get the delivery of my nano car.
thinks public schools are for pussies?
knows how many chocolate digestive biscuits is too many?
my application number is 112408360
who wants to ban the press from making stupid top tens to get online search traffic?
Top 10 Greatest Guitar Players?
Top 10 Arguments That Can’t Be Won?
Top 10 Violent Movies?
Top Ten Phobias?
Funniest people?
Best Hairstyles?
Top 10 Banned Books?
who thinks indians are obsessed with the nanocar?
thinks water fluoridation in the UK is a good idea?
i want to change my deelar can we do that
Who has a giant gorilla stuffed animal?
favourite website?
how can i get allotment letter from the site
knows my name
what is the monthly emi payable for a loan amount of Rs.1,40,000
who misses Jacko now he's gone?
status of registration form 112266115
booking details registration No.112266115
what is unix
do you have any interest in the israele market
do you have any interest in the israele market
who knows where will young lives
is stuck in France
likes ITV the Cube?
do you hate big brother?
benefit busters?
anyone going on a nice holiday this year?
is ecar insurance OK?

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