who is wearing suncream 2day?!
who loves tom and jerry?
who loves curry?
who has seen that Australia film?
who has problems with a HP printer???
who loves dogs?
who thinks Bush should be impeached?
who thinks jade Goody the musical will be a hit?
who feels music is the best way for us to remember the past?
who thinks (is this a question?) is a question when asked verbally?
who thinks wham is the best thing that happened musically in the 80's?
who thinks Moore was the best bond?
who thinks size does matter?
who likes friends the tv show?
who thinks jonathan ross should be promoted!?
who likes southpark?
who uses the duck notification on HUW?
who needs a large beer?
who believes the 9-11 attacks were staged by the US government?
who thinks SIMON COWELL is a clever pratt?
who knows the best simpsons quote?
who knows any good jokes.
who knows a good chili recipe to start kids off.
who knows if the doset naga is still the hottest chili in the world.
who shaves their bits?
who thinks women are the weaker sex?
who thinks women are the stronger sex?
who loves the film, the goonies?
who is feeling the credit crunch?
who prefered Batman to Superman!
who do you think it is asking this question anonymously?
who has ever crapped themselves?
who knows what colour pants I'm wearing?
who thinks it's high time we got some more members on here?
who farted?
who knows how to prevent cuts on boxers hands when training with gloves and wraps
who HATES CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... i do...
who gets bored when they come to check out their HUWS and see that no one has re...
who you'd most like to top.
who is the most stupid famous person.
who has seen a UFO?
who loves pork scratchings?
who knows what is best....big or small?
who thinks X-Men Origins Wolverine sucks?
who 's body is a cage?
who has had a real eating disorder?
who misses friends?
who can't park a car?
who prefers tesco?
who would date Jamie Oliver, but just for ther food?
who has eaten shark, aligator or snake?
who thinks man visiting the moon was a load of rubbish?
who has ever wondered 'why does it always rain on me?'
who has the gas man visiting?!
who wonders why every question on here has to start with the word 'who'?
who likes anchovies?
who is shakespeare
who is going out partying tomorrow night ........ whoop whoop !!
who thinks blondes are bimbos???
who cares that we had no referendum on the Lisbon treaty?
who managed to pick up with a cheesy line and pulled it off?
who knows where I can find software drivers for free?
who likes BMWs?
who has a messy bathroom?
who has seen that rude version of Rainbow?
who likes Jonathan Cainer?
who loves going to school?
who had sex before the age of 15?
who drinks too much coffee?
who loves squeezing spots?
who thinks Bush Jr was a good president?
who thinks John Lennon was murdered?
who has any regrets?
who likes Robbie Williams?
who can help me with my Satelite TV problem?
who knows where the hand down button is?
who has seen X-MEN Origins ~ Wolverine ?
who cried when they suddenly realised what red dwarf BTE was really saying about...
who knows if toothpaste really works on sunburn?
who knows the best star trek villain?
who knows what the average penis size is?
who has caught the UK sun today?
who has tried that new kebab flavoured pot noodle???
who has got sun-burnt today?
who got a hang over today?
who is going to dimension jump this year? (red dwarf show)
who knows who has the cheapest car insurance?
who watched survivors on the BBC last November? Anybody worried that they may ma...
who is at Uni in the UK?
who wants to make some money?
who likes a nice bucket of KFC?
who has seen a rattle snake?
who has been touched by Jesus
anyone else hate midges?
where do we buy the new nano car?
who thinks family guy is better than the simpsons?
do bees really dies after stining once?
what do women like best about men?
what is a bed snake?
who loves ryan air?

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