who thinks James is clever
who loves hands up who?
who thinks we should invite a few pals from Face Book etc to help with the BETA?
who knows where the UK's biggest car boot sale is?
who loves the smell of home cooked food :)
who likes the new post notification sound?
who knows which song was on radio 1 a few months ago, no lyrics, the main instra...
who thinks easter sucks.
who is watching the new Red Dwarf?
who is getting garden ready for spring?
who thinks swearing is unhealthy and wants to stop?
who adores the series badgirls
who is pissed off with eastenders due to that girl dying
who Can bend their big toe (without touching it) while keeping/holding the toe n...
who has had a great easter day with fab friends
who know the shortcut to open a new blank document in word
who over done the vino yesterday!
who knows what this is
who likes to eat chilli ?
who has an abnormal obsession with hollyoaks?
who wants flawless to win britains got talent?
who likes lilly allen.... shes a legend really... well real?
who thinks eastenders has runined their reputation by killing off danielle?
who thinks they have an abnormal obsession with hollyoaks?
who thinks extensions are the best invention ever!!!
who hates boyfriends mums?
who thinks alexandra burke is Amazing!!!
who knows what the best web browser is
who hates how they eneded BSG
who is looking forward to HUW BETA 1.2
who likes cheese?
who isn't quite sure if they like Marmite or not?
who likes roquefort
who has any BETA feedback
who has a husband with ZERO imagination?
who has chickenpox at the moment
who has google's back
who thinks the internet has been getting slower?
who knows what a HUW is
who likes sponge bob
who thinks 2012 will be an important year
who likes making love at midnight and getting caught in the rain
who knows the Copa Cabana Lyrics
who eaten worms
who lives in Nottingham
who knows what the best city car is
who flashes when they are under the influence???
who is going fishing 2moro?!
who sat in the sun today?
who thinks this site might just take off?
who thinks that cats are the most amazing animals in the world?
who Which Deli has the fastest service in the UK?
who doesn't get the point of this website?
who thinks Digital Outlaws rock
who thinks it just may be Pimms o'clock?
who does understand why speed hump's are not called slow humps
who is enjoying this site when they should be doing other things!
who who's ever played 'hide the sausage' and lost?.....
who thinks handsupwho is cool?
who thinks obama will make a difference
who thinks uk budget to reveal depth of gloom is worrying
who thinks chicks say the funniest things
who knows who THE STIG really is?
who had a restless night dreaming of HUWS
who can mix cement correctly
who knows the best hayfever meds ........ I'm really suffering this year!!!
who hopes, as do I, that version 1.4 of HUW won't be too OTT ;)
who thinks cadbury bringing back the wispa and not following it up with the wisp...
who wants to know what i think about HUW?
who knows when an a tag is not an a tag
who is sleepy?
who thinks Tibet should be free of Chinese rule
who thinks Princess Diana was murdered
who is worried about this strange new swine flu?
who has any comments on 'South Park' attacking Somalia and Susan Boyle
who thinks its sucks that the founders of Pirate Bay got jailed?
who remembers swapshop?
who else cant upload a picture on here?
who crystal wine decantors for sale
who went to the Bournemouth Uni Music Festival at Christchurch Quay today?
who likes the new nano car?
who can recommend the best OS for an old machine?
who now has mixed feelings for Ben in Lost?
who has nearly been killed by Carbon Monoxide?
who why do I feel like I have a hangover when I only drank water?!?!?!
who knows a good library in Toulouse?
who vomits until late afternoon when they're hungover?
who is going to join the festivities of the rather lovely place the tripp?
who hates..Tim F**king Westwood?
who loves the new Chris Moyles show?
who is going to the reading festival?
who is excited The Hills is back on our screens this sunday!!!!!!!!
who has a old school mini they would like to give me?,even just the chassis woul...
who is so fed up with all the football they show on tv?
who thought Jonathan Ross should have been sacked?
who thinks tom cruise is a tosser?
who would give britney one, if they had the chance.
who has been on the London eye?
who can't remember what to do with a day off...
who is bored at work??

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