who thinks (is this a question?) is a question when asked verbally?

by HUW, 2009-04-28T14:30:49+01:00. Start a new chat with HUW. 4 hands up.

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this conversation is getting to much for my little brain to handle! and its all ur fault frank!

by Sarah, 2009-04-28T21:37:13+01:00. Start a new chat with Sarah.



1986 University of Bristol philosophy degree final exam included the optional question 16: "Could you have not answered this question?" I was raised on the urban legend of the Eton College entrance exam candidate who answered "What is courage?" with the words "This is". Therefore, though my degree rested on it, I was hugely tempted to hand in a sheet of paper that was blank, except for the number "16" in the margin. I didn't. QED?

by Frank, 2009-04-28T20:02:24+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.


Bloody teachers ...

by Frank, 2009-04-28T19:21:46+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.

janey logical sense either. Suggest you occupy yourself with more burning questions. Like "Is this a burning question?" :0)

by janey, 2009-04-28T19:14:49+01:00. Start a new chat with janey.


Why would you need to ask the question whether a question is a question. Makes no grammatical sense to me...

by janey, 2009-04-28T19:13:57+01:00. Start a new chat with janey.


Ask yourself this then:
"is this a rhetorical question?"
That makes me squint.

by Frank, 2009-04-28T17:40:14+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.


now ur confusing me! lol

by Sarah, 2009-04-28T17:37:24+01:00. Start a new chat with Sarah.


I'm not 100% convinced.

If I hold a melon and point to it and ask, "Is this a question?" then the answer is "No, it is a melon." But it was still a question as well, can it be both?

If you're pointing at a written note that says, "gup is handsome" and you say is this a question? No, it's a lie.

Is the word 'THIS' a question?

Context is everything. Loads of stuff on-line about it.

by Frank, 2009-04-28T17:24:49+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.


of course it's a question!!! if it needs a reply then its a question!

by Sarah, 2009-04-28T16:03:59+01:00. Start a new chat with Sarah.


That is a tricky one. Good question.

by Frank, 2009-04-28T15:21:06+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.