who thinks eastenders has runined their reputation by killing off danielle?

by Katie, 2009-04-14T20:39:23+01:00. Start a new chat with Katie. 0 hands up.

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Hi G, perfect 10.

by Berit, 2009-04-16T18:21:55+01:00. Start a new chat with Berit.


oh yeh and i forgot to say i have already started a huw on this subject!

by theperfect10, 2009-04-16T10:25:44+01:00. Start a new chat with theperfect10.


I do. Great acting but a terrible story line we waited months for Ronnie to be told only for that to happen. So not enjoyable. The writers must think that the viewers are brain dead to want to watch such rubbish! I dont enjoy the programme anymore

by theperfect10, 2009-04-16T10:05:09+01:00. Start a new chat with theperfect10.