who is getting garden ready for spring?

by Al, 2009-04-12T19:03:34+01:00. Start a new chat with Al. 0 hands up.

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I've got my potatoes in (early and lates) and also onion sets. Still got to put peas and beans in ..... oh and I haven't got any strawberries in yet ...... is it too late for them?????

by oneclassybird, 2009-04-21T18:00:22+01:00. Start a new chat with oneclassybird.


Chillis take a long time to germinate don't they? Planted mine about a month ago and they are just popping up!

by James, 2009-04-15T22:18:13+01:00. Start a new chat with James.


I just planted my Chili

by Frank, 2009-04-14T08:10:18+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.


James+bob+guppy = Dr GreenThumb

by Ben, 2009-04-12T20:26:38+01:00. Start a new chat with Ben.


For sure! The carrots have just popped their heads up and the strawberries are beginning to do stuff too! Just planted some sweet corn and potatoes. Not before removing a ton of weeds though!

by James, 2009-04-12T19:37:19+01:00. Start a new chat with James.