who hates..Tim F**king Westwood?

by ryan, 2009-04-26T19:11:01+01:00. Start a new chat with ryan. 7 hands up.

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HERE HERE!, Tim Westwood is thee most annoying wank article in the world!, why does he act all gangster when he quite clearly isn't one apparently his father is a vicar!, I feel sorry for him having this demon offspring Twat as a child. He was born in Norfolk for Christ's sake not the inner suburbs of Detroit!. He is 51! I wish he would just sort it out and forget this charade of a life and study English and then go around schools talking about being like him isn't cool!. grrrrr. Scott Mills I find a lot less annoying, although if he is going to talk to the thousands of radio1 listeners he should make an effort to speak correctly......what Complete Gits!!!!!

by ryan, 2009-04-26T19:39:52+01:00. Start a new chat with ryan.


He is annoying, especially as he doesn't look how he sounds and is far too old to be talking the way he does and getting away with it, but who really gets on my t1ts is Scott Mills when he says 'Off Of' as in Ceri-Lou Off Of Wales'. How can someone be off of a place? - he is killing the English language and needs to be taken down!

by Ceri-Lou, 2009-04-26T19:27:54+01:00. Start a new chat with Ceri-Lou.