who has nearly been killed by Carbon Monoxide?

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I understand. We just need to pass it on. I co-founded 10 years ago BTW.
Take care,

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There are some jerks here who could do with inhaling a little more of the stuff to finish job, perhaps. A few years back, myself, my wife and our 8-year old daughter all started to get incurable headaches over the Winter months (when the central heating system was working hardest) Our CH boiler was showing brown stains around it, and in strong winds, we could actually SMELL the exhaust fumes in the house.

Our landlord refused to get the CH system checked at first, then eventually got the original installers to check it. Yeah - guess what ? They 'found nothing wrong.' We got another. totally independent guy to check it, and he condemned the whole system and shut it down as unsafe.

Landlord had to get a load of stuff done as a result. Didn't renew our short-term tenancy that year, and nutted me on the nose when I refused to pay the last 2 months rent, while he was poisoning us. Bastard would have seen us die, first.

I dunno which is the greater evil, Carbon Monoxide, or toxic landlords.

Either way - HE can die as soon as he likes.

.....but he'll probably outlive me. Ain't that just the way it goes.....? !!!!

by Bill-K, 2009-11-18T09:12:10+00:00. Start a new chat with Bill-K.

Frank as well

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Rosemary, I don't know if you've come across this site in your searching but the best website on the after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning is

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My CO story is unusual. I nearly died from severe CO poisoning at age four years. When I woke up in the small-town doctor's office the only treatment he knew to give me was black coffee.

Short term effects: At first I couldn't talk. It was hard to breathe; I would struggle to take a deep breath and couldn't. I kept spitting compulsively. I couldn't sit or stand still. I was constantly moving -- hopping on one foot, twisting, throwing rocks at our horses. I also would have spells, which may have been some kind of seizure -- similar to being high on a drug, or just the opposite -- sudden attacks of terrible depression. My eyes would play tricks on me. Once the wallpaper design in our dining room seemed to be writhing. My memory was spared; my sister believes my memory was abnormally expanded!

Long term effects: I loved school and was a very good student EXCEPT that there were days when it was impossible to concentrate or do my work. Why this came in cycles, I don't know. At other times, ideas or things to do, several at once, would crowd into my mind, and I would be almost paralyzed, not knowing what to do first. This still happens today. I have also had strange symptoms when I would be very sick and which seemed to involve one internal organ or another. These illnesses would come and go, and doctors were not able to find out why these things happened.

I also have times when I can’t stay with one thing very long, but feel an inward compulsion to keep moving -- like restless legs syndrome all over my body.

Is there anyone else reading this who had CO poisoning as a small child?


by Rosemary, 2009-06-09T18:23:13+01:00. Start a new chat with Rosemary.



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by joe_in_da_hood, 2009-06-02T14:59:08+01:00. Start a new chat with joe_in_da_hood.


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My sister had headaches for a few years until they found out her heater was belching the stuff out.

by Frank, 2009-04-26T14:45:56+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.