is cynical about the whole swine flu thing...

by janey, 2009-05-11T20:55:54+01:00. Start a new chat with janey. 5 hands up.

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Big media attention. Even if it killed hundreds per day it would not touch the big killers like coronary heart disease that killed more than 7.6 million people in 2005, and that's probably just the white people that they bother making statistics about. Let's not get started on cancer or road traffic accidents either.

by Frank, 2009-06-10T18:02:41+01:00. Start a new chat with Frank.


Me, biggest load of shit ever, it's all died down now so i'm happy......

by Helloooo, 2009-05-28T20:47:59+01:00. Start a new chat with Helloooo.


Me!! I just cant believe what i am hearing on the news about it. Its bloody laughable. Oh god Janey now you have got me going again about it!! Its just some stupid swine that has made the nation think about that rubbish to take our minds off of important issues. I cant believe the amount of people that are falling for it either. Why do people believe in everything they hear on the news or read in the papers? We are being brain washed!! well not you and me any how!!

by theperfect10, 2009-05-11T23:29:44+01:00. Start a new chat with theperfect10.